WiFi Geyser Controller Advanced

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Advanced Geyser Controller

(based on the ESP32 controller, providing more options for expansion.)

The same Basic features and Specifications than the Basic WiFi Geyser Controller (ESP8266), but allow Water Detection, additional sensors and a LCD display for basic measurements and status.

Basic features:

Requires WiFi connection
Mobile Application controlled (Fully user customizable)
Works like an Alarm clock to ensure water is at desired temperature at desired time and/or during desired period
Enables significant savings on energy and geyser lifespan
Set 2 Temperatures at 2 Periods per day for any days in a week
Control multiple geysers from same App
8 Different modes of operation
Notifications on major events
Notification and App indication for (multiple point) water detection (Require additional sensor).
Provision for multiple additional Analogue and Digital inputs and outputs with basic App operations. (Require additional sensors and additional firmware customizations)
Measure and compute (most @ 20 second intervals):

  • 1 x Temperature point (10 points possible)
  • Instantaneous, daily and monthly energy usage.
  • Summated/Averaged daily and monthly usage over groups of geysers
  • Changeable month start date to coincide with Municipality periods
  • Energy costs
  • Calibrate current and temperature if required
  • Heat gradients and required heating and scheduling periods


Voltage range: 100-240V AC
Processor: ESP32
Max current: 19A
Max Power:  4000W
Product Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 147 mm
Color: White
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi Security: WPA2-PSK
Enclosure Material: Fire-retardant
Operating Temperature: 0ºC-40ºC
Manual Override Switch


Temperature (Up to 10 sensors possible)
20 A max current
Water detection (Requires sensor accessory)
Customizable others

Diagnostic capabilities:

2 Hardware LED’s (Red)
1 Processing LED (RGB)
Terminal diagnostics on Mobile Application
WiFi Access Point

Mobile Application:

  • Based on Blynk  (Legacy and IoT) Platform – Fully customizable by end user
  • Please refer to Blynk App Usage for all the available options.
  • Run on IoS and Android
  • Options to do Self Configuration or Supported Configuration on the new Blynk IoT Platform
  • Tabs: Settings, Measurements (Combined with Settings in the Blynk Free plan), Terminal (Optional)
  • All uploaded parameters can be accessed via API (Blynk license dependent)
  • All captured data can be exported (.CSV) (Blynk license dependent)
  • Huge community support and documentation for customization

Device firmware:

Frequent free OTA upgrades to cater for expanded functionality (Blynk license dependent)
Support a number of configurable parameters for calibration and processing customizability – May require additional customization or development for additional sensor and automation capabilities.

Additional information


Self Configuration, Supported Configuration, Separate Configuration Product

Blynk License

Free Plan, Plus Plan

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