About EnerEff

EnerEff started as the result of stumbling upon a very simple idea....

Use the latest basic Internet of Things (IoT) technology, embed some simple Machine Learning (ML) and create a product to manage your Energy Efficiency from your smart phone, to save you real money....

Starting with where most of the energy is wasted... Heating our water in our homes...


With the rising costs of electricity in South Africa, most of us have asked (supposedly?) knowledgeable people whether we should keep our geyser(s) on or switch them off, even for short periods, such as a day.... Like most of us, you also probably got wide ranging answers, but with a tendency towards; "No, keep it on...." (with various different reasons for it....)

With this simple idea, you can perform your own tests and determine your own cost savings to make up your own mind... Independent whether you are already switching (manually or via timer) or keeping it on...

A single view of the mobile app results

"Our initial assessments indicate a saving of between 25% and 75% of your heating bill can be achieved with this simple device, dependent on what technique you are currently using... resulting in a payback in as little as 2 months..."



  • Wi Fi connection to internet based server.
  • Basic 'machine learning' to adapt the optimum heating cycles to each specific scenario of geyser and environment.
  • 220-240 V, 20 Amp maximum, 16 Amp continuous load, catering for up to 4kW elements.
  • No running costs, except for the minor Wi Fi data usage.
  • Simple installation, with LED diagnostics and Over The Air (OTA) upgrade capability - no separate safety enclosure required.
  • Locally designed and manufactured with its own safety features.
  • Full support and customization/expansion capabilities for specific requirements, if required.

Mobile application:

  • 8 modes of operation for convenience and to assess optimal efficiency.
  • Direct visibility of daily Kwh usage for comparison, to enable own decision making.
  • 2 Daily schedules, with 2 Temperatures, providing 14 schedules per week.
  • Select your own personal 'no cold water temperature' for easy experimentation.
  • Dependent on requirements, a selection of 4 different versions is available:
    • 1 Temperature on 1 Schedule in the (free) Basic version.
    • Optional diagnostic capability in the Advanced version.
    • Support for multiple geysers in the Multi version.
    • Monthly energy consumption comparisons in the Monthly version
  • Simple download and registration.
  • Fully customization of the layout and functionality by the user.
  • Locally designed, with a huge supporting community for the underlying framework.

Additional Benefits:

  • Understanding how outside temperature affects heating and cooling cycles and the resultant power requirements.
  • No shortening of your DB board switches' lifespan due to non-designed-for additional switching.
  • Longer geyser lifespan due to less and lower temperature and thus less and lower pressure cycles.
  • Longer element lifespan due to less and lower stress cycles.
  • Longer thermostat lifespan due to almost no switching cycles as it effectively becomes a standby safety measure.
  • Help clarify specific solar requirements and thus saves further investment costs if you should go that route.
  • No wasted water while regulating temperature.
  • No temperature fluctuations due to other taps being opened.

"Understanding better what the resultant power requirements for our specific use case and scenario is, I could specify my solar geyser requirements much better, with a substantial investment cost saving. And then still use the same device as the electricity supplement controller."

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What next?

  • Go here to buy yourself a device.
  • Install the device through an accredited installer or electrician and follow the instructions on the outside of the device, which will lead you here.
  • In-Joy the control and visibility of heating your water.

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