Supported Configuration

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Let Enereff do your Blynk Data stream and mobile App configurations for you.



  • The different Enereff Devices are currently supported on 2 of the Blynk IoT plans, namely the Free Plan and the Plus Plan.
  • The differences in these plans can be investigated further here.
  • The difference in the number of users and devices required and the available widgets are the 2 more important aspects to consider to decide which plan will suit your requirements.
  • Once a decision has been made on the Blynk plan that will suit your requirements, we provide the user with 2 options, for both these plans, namely a ‘Self Configuration‘ or ‘Supported Configuration.’
  • For this ‘Supported Configuration‘ option Enereff will create a new (free) license in Blynk for you.
  • We will then do the data stream configuration and the mobile app layout for you.
  • You will be invited to join Blynk and everything will already be there for you.
  • If you prefer the Blynk Plus Plan, you can upgrade this created Free Plan and the configuration will be adapted accordingly by Enereff, if required.
  • This product can be selected here separately for the specific Device Type (e.g. Basic Geyser), or on the specific Device as a configuration option.
  • If multiples of the same Device is ordered, you only need one configuration per Device type (e.g. Basic Geyser) for this configuration option and it will then be better to order it here as a separate product, rather than a configuration for the multiple Devices.
  • Each Device Type (e.g. Basic Geyser, Advanced Geyser, Power, etc.) will however require its own configuration and thus an instance of this Configuration product. The quantity on this product must thus correspond to the number of different Device Types you order.
  • Further instructions for connecting the Device to this configuration, for when you receive it, will be provided.
  • This option is great for someone who would just like to use the App and is not too fluent or do not enjoy playing around with technology.
  • Once you are set up, you will become the ‘Developer’ and you can then also later still customize the mobile App further if and as you like.

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Product Type

Advanced Geyser, Basic Geyser, Basic Power Monitor

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