A 3rd party mobile application, Blynk, is used for the Enereff IoT devices.

The advantages are that it:

  • has a huge worldwide user base
  • with an active community support
  • provides for a very customizable (IoS or Android) Mobile App for our Enereff users
  • is based on and continually upgraded to the latest technologies
  • provides our Enereff users with several options regarding its costs, based on different Blynk Licensing plans.

Blynk recently upgraded their whole platform and pricing model, making it slightly more complicated for Enereff users. After evaluating all technology possibilities, it was concluded that even with the changed pricing model, it is still a more cost effective solution than developing our own fixed Apps (for IoS and Android) and doing our own hosting.

Blynk legacy Platform and App:

  1. New user registration for the Legacy Blynk App was closed in October 2021.
  2. If you are already registered as a Blynk Legacy App user, we recommend that you can stay on this legacy version, with no monthly costs, until Blynk discontinues this hosting.
  3. It provides better functionality at less cost than the new IoT version.
  4. There is no plans from Blynk to discontinue the Platform and App yet, but no new developments or support will be provided by Blynk on this App and Platform.
  5. If it is discontinued in future you can upgrade to the new ‘Iot App’ and platform.

New Blynk IoT Platform and App:

  1. This new Blynk Platform and App have a number of different license plans available.
  2. These still change frequently, so refer to the website link for the latest descriptions.
  3. The different Enereff devices are currently supported on 2 of these plans, namely the Free Plan and the Plus Plan and the Blynk differences can be investigated further here. A Pro Plan option may be provided later.
  4. Once a decision has been made as to which Blynk plan will suit your requirements, we provide the user with 2 options, for both these Blynk plans, namely, ‘Self Configuration‘ or ‘Supported Configuration.’
  5. Both these options are explained in more detail in the product catalogue in the online shop, but in short:
    • Self Configuration‘: We provide you with downloadable instructions and you configure the App and its data streams on your own.
    • Supported Configuration‘: We do the configuration of the App and its data streams for you, but you can also customize it further on your own, if you like to.
  6. The required Configuration Option can either be bought as a separate product (when buying multiples of the same device or the Blynk plan is upgraded), with different variation for the selected Blynk Plan and the device, or they can be bought as variations on each of the Devices themselves.
  7. It may seem a bit overwhelming with all the options, but our recommendation would be that you start with the Basic devices on the Blynk Free plan with the Self Configuration option. If you do not come right or your requirements become more sophisticated, you can upgrade incrementally to whatever level you require, for only slightly increased costs.