IoT Development Service

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EnerEff provides a full development service for anything Internet of Things, similar to our WiFi Geyser Controllers or WiFi Power Monitors.
It can be an extension of the functionality of these existing controllers for your specific requirements, such as Solar Geysers, Swimming pools, etc. or a completely new ‘greenfields’ requirement, such as Green Building energy monitoring, Smart Refrigeration/Stock control, Smart farming energy monitoring/control, etc.
We provide a full lifecycle service from the full requirements analysis, design, development and production of the required device(s), its firmware, the mobile application, backoffice application (client server or web based), or integration to your existing or new systems.
The price payable is just a deposit to ensure serious requests and requirements, to cater for our time spent on evaluating the request.
Once ordered and paid, just reply on the e-mailed Order Confirmation, stating your specific requirements (NDA, contractual and/or technical.)

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