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    A major upgrade has been released from 01.15 to 02.04.
    This upgrade caters for running the device on 2 different boards, for increased future functionality potential.
    A couple of other functional enhancements were also done.
    Unfortunately, for this upgrade, the onboard stored Wi-Fi connection credentials cannot be retained, due to various technical reasons.
    The Terminal will thus just indicate ‘Downloading firmware upgrade…‘ and not restart automatically as with the other previous minor upgrades.
    You will also notice that, if visible, the RGB LED indicate Red and Blue, indicating it is in ‘Configuration Mode’.
    The procedure to follow to connect to the Wi-Fi again is explained in the Installation Guidelines, but herewith a quick refresher:

      Just go into design mode on the App, and copy the Blynk Auth Token by clicking on it under Project/Devices/Main Bedroom (or whatever you renamed it.)
      Stand within about 15 meters from your controller device and check the available Wi-Fi signals with your mobile phone.
      The ‘Enereff_XXXXXX’ router should be visible.
      Connect to it and once connected, select the ‘Settings’ icon on this connection, ‘Manage Router’ option, Enter the Blynk token and your Wi-Fi credentials, Save.
      The device should now restart, connect to your Wi-Fi, the Blynk server and be fully operational again.
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